Core Values

Heartland Health Laboratories, Inc. is a full service clinical laboratory, established in 2004 to provide service to the Kansas City area. Our laboratory is dedicated exclusively to Long Term Care facilities. We are built on a foundation of six core values:

    Heartland Health Laboratories, Inc. Core Values

    Core values are what drive us. Each person has core values; things we hold as most important in our lives. Understanding core values is understanding the driving forces behind decisions we make and how we react to things that happen in our lives.

    Just like an individual, a business has core values. It is the collective core values of its people. By uniting those core values, a business becomes much larger than any one person. It becomes a community of like minded people coming together to accomplish what no one person could do on our own. The business can use core values to guide long term decisions like expansion or equipment purchase, to short term decisions like our daily tasks and co-worker interactions.

    Our core values permeate into everything we do. The way we become a happier, more successful company is to honor the core values of our people. The following list is the core values we discovered and how it applies to our business.

    1. It’s all about caring for people -

    This is why we are in business. Caring for people is our number one core value amongst our people and should be the driving force behind everything we do. Caring for people starts with caring for each other. How we treat each other in our building is how we treat others when we leave. How we treat our residents should be with the utmost care and respect. This is something that we learn within our own walls. How we treat the caregivers of those residents should be with the same caring heart we treat each other and our residents. When someone talks about HHL, their first words should be “They care about people.” All of our other core values stem from this one.

    2. Leave everything better than we found it -

    We are in this for each other. We should strive to make a community within our team and have an impact on the community around us. This means trying to make a difference in each other’s lives, as well as the lives of the people we serve, and the community at large. We will strive to leave every situation better than we found it, be it in our offices, our facilities, or the community where we live. We make an impact on our environment just by being in it. Strive to make it a positive impact.

    3. Teamwork makes the dream work -

    In order to accomplish anything, teamwork is a requirement. Without it, none of this is possible. The purpose of a business is to accomplish something you otherwise couldn’t by yourself. We can’t do this by ourselves. We need to enlist the help of others. We need to pick up our teammates. Not a little later. Not in an hour. Now. Teamwork - let’s do it!

    4. Whistle while you work -

    When thinking about how to best care for each other, it has to start with being friendly. We want to have a culture of annoyingly friendly people. People that build each other up and never break each other down. Because work shouldn’t be miserable. It should be happy. So go on, be that crazy happy person.

    5. Dependability, Urgency, Accuracy -

    The dependability, speed, and accuracy of our service is what sets us apart from our competitors. Those things are our calling card. We want to be known first for our caring, but the daily task that shows we really care is our lab results. Being dependable, fast, and accurate to our coworkers, residents, and their caregivers is the best way to show we care. Each one of those people are counting on each one of us to be the ones who care. We can’t be anything less than dependable, fast, and accurate, because people are counting on us.

    6. Seize the moment -

    There are limitless opportunities in front of us. But it is our responsibility to stay hungry and pursue them. Our challenges will always be many, but we will rise to meet them. We are a group of fighters, resilient in the face of adversity. We realize the best way to care for the most people is to run toward problems. Every problem presents an opportunity to care for people, and that’s what we do here. Because we realize the best way for us to achieve our goals is to help others, we will always look for ways to help, create, and innovate. The time to ask questions, try new things, and find new people to help is always now.

With this as our focus, we have made a commitment to provide the facilities we serve with the highest level of laboratory services.

Our services are structured to meet the needs of each facility and its residents with a commitment to ongoing development of services. HHL objective is to provide the highest quality resident care and to maintain mutually cooperative relationships with all of our clients. Through open communication we hope to develop partnered relationships that enhance resident quality of care in our client facilities.