Specimen Collection Procedures

Heartland Health Laboratories, Inc.


Specimen Collection Protocol



Supplies provided:

Heartland Health Laboratories, Inc. (HHL) provides the following supplies for lab testing: sterile collection cups with bags, 24-hour urine collection containers (on request), sterile culture swabs with culturette for transport, occult blood cards, and requisition forms. Special supplies are required for testing the flu. Please call the lab for supplies when needed.

Specimen Integrity:

Any laboratory result is only as good as the specimen provided. To assure accurate results it is vital that specimens be collected and handled in an appropriate manner.

To help ensure the best possible results for your residents we suggest the following specimen collection protocols:




Resident Preparation:


Specimen Rejection:

Specimens not collected and handled according to specific test protocol may be subject to rejection. If in the judgment of our medical technologist, a specimen will yield inaccurate results, we will notify you immediately that another specimen needs to be submitted for testing.


Culture Collection:

Procedure for 24 hour urine collection:

Please note: A caustic preservative may be present in the orange storage container for some tests. Keep the container tightly secured at all times. Pour urine carefully into the storage container. Do not attempt to have your resident urinate directly into the storage container.


For other Cultures not listed: Please contact the laboratory.


Specimen Stability: